Air Canada discontinuing three summer routes from Regina airport

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“The Regina Airport is going to be in really challenging times,” he said, adding the program is better than nothing though it does have limited value.

“It’s not going to solve the overarching problem we have in terms of passenger volume being so low.” The current problems then snowball into the reality that without adequate income, the airport will be in a position where paying for its firefighters, electrical, heating and municipal taxes will be impossible.

Another issue facing travellers is the “patch work,” as Bogusz calls it, of provincial rules around COVID-19 and self-isolation.

“Some provinces in the east expect that regardless of where you’re from, even if it’s from a Canadian province, you have to quarantine for 14 days,” he said. Not an ideal situation if you only have a week’s vacation.

Bogusz said he and other CAC members will continue in their struggle for a meaningful relief package from the feds.