Almost half of employers say four-day week trial is ‘feasible’

Almost half of employers say it would be “feasible” to trial a four-day week in their workplace amid enthusiasm for the idea across the population, according to a new survey released by the Four Day Week Ireland campaign.

Some 77 per cent of people surveyed on behalf of the group by Behaviour & Attitudes said they supported the idea of the Government exploring the introduction of a four-day week, with two-thirds saying they believed it was “realistic and achievable” in the medium term.

Two-thirds of employers also said they supported the Government in examining the feasibility of a four-day week, which the survey defined as “same job, same goals, same salary, but over four days rather than five”. Support for this prospect was strongest among younger adults and people working full-time.

Almost half of employers – 46 per cent – said the trialling of a four-day week in their own workplace was “feasible”. The survey results were published ahead of a special online public briefing by Four Day Week Ireland today.