Batman helps Winnipeg kids fight off boredom during coronavirus pandemic

In the fight against self-isolation boredom during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Winnipeg’s kids have the hero they need — Batman.

The Caped Crusader, a.ka. Darren Marrese, is currently taking a break from saving the citizens of Gotham City and hanging out in Winnipeg to brighten kids’ days.

Marrese has been showing up at events dressed as his favourite superhero for years, but he’s found new purpose during the novel coronavirus crisis.

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“The kids stay on their steps, and I stay by the Batmobile, say hello to the kids, answer some questions, take some pictures and try to break up some of the boredom that a lot of parents and kids are having in the city right now,” he explained.

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Marrese said his custom Batman suit came from a Toronto company that specializes in armoured motorcycle gear, and it’s an exact replica of the costume worn by Batman actor Christian Bale in the film series that began in 2005.

Even Batman needs to stay safe during a pandemic.
Even Batman needs to stay safe during a pandemic.Facebook / Batman: The Dark Knight of Winnipeg

In addition to the driveway visits, Winnipeg’s Batman has been doing FaceTime chats with local kids as well — a popular alternative during the pandemic.

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“The FaceTime calls have been really good because it gives an opportunity to kids to ask questions, and I get to answer them,” he said.

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“They have a lot of questions about what’s going on in the world, and I do my best to answer them the best I can without scaring them too much… and I try to put a bit of humour into it at the same time.

“Batman’s not all business; he has a little bit of a funny bone.”

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To find out where the Dark Knight of Winnipeg will be next, or to arrange for a visit with your kids, check out his Facebook page.

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