Call for Government to cancel flights follows Holohan’s foreign travel comments

The chief executive of the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) Pat Dawson has said the new Government should move to cancel flights so people who have booked foreign trips can get their money back.

Giving permission to fly and yet saying not to fly was unfair, he said. He also called for clarity on so-called ‘airbridges’.

Under the Government’s air bridges plan, it was understood Irish tourists could go on foreign holidays from July 9th to other countries which have brought coronavirus under control.

Mr Dawson’s comments come after the chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan said people who had booked overseas trips should not travel at present due to the risk to themselves, their families and wider society.

Asked on Monday whether people should cancel their summer holidays abroad, Dr Holohan said public health officials would like them not to travel in their individual interest and in the collective interest.

He urged holidaymakers: “Think about other people and the risk you might pose even if you [ if infected] recover very well, for people who are more vulnerable.”