DC mayor issues more coronavirus mask requirements for hotels, taxis, food

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Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser on Wednesday issued an order extending the district’s public health emergency through next month and requiring that masks be worn by workers and customers of hotels, public transit and food sellers amid the coronavirus crisis.

Bowser’s order requires the following individuals to wear masks or face coverings: hotel workers, guests and visitors; individuals using taxis, ride shares and private transportation providers; workers and customers of food sellers. Masks were “strongly encouraged” for workers and individuals using public transit.

Wednesday’s order also further extends the city’s public emergency and public health emergency through May 15.


Bowser, during an interview on “Fox News Sunday” this week, said the city was “getting prepared.”

“We, like all cities and states around the country, are looking at various models to see what they tell us about when our medical surge will happen,” Bowser said. “And we expect that that could happen in Washington, D.C., in June.”

She added: “Our residents are doing everything that we ask so that we can push down the number of peak cases and push out when that surge would happen in D.C.”


Last week, Bowser ordered district residents to also wear face masks when they shop in grocery stores, implemented “one-way aisles” and asked that customers “bag their own groceries.”

Bowser’s announcement last week also included fresh food markets and farmers’ markets to “have a plan in place to ensure social distancing protocols are followed.”

Bowser also added that activities, including tennis and golf, which were previously allowed as recreational activities in D.C., are now banned. Additionally, Washington is in the process of creating a hotline for people who cannot leave their homes to have food and essentials delivered.

Fox News’ Tyler Olson contributed to this report.