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One in 20 people in the UK have lost their job due to the coronavirus crisis, a new YouGov survey has found.

Life in the UK has largely been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has hit businesses and their employees hard.

Many sectors have already seen widespread redundancies, with firms warning that thousands more jobs could be completely wiped out.

Some 5 per cent of those questioned in the YouGov were employed before the outbreak and have since lost their job, while 9 per cent have had their pay or hours reduced.

Workplaces across the UK have been shut down, with the government being forced to make major changes to the benefits system to support those unable to work.

The self-employed have been told that they can expect more help, but most of the announcements have focused on employees and on anyone who is unable to work because they have the virus.

The same YouGov study, which was conducted on Monday and Tuesday, half of the nation (51 per cent) said they feel worse about the state of society as a result of the pandemic.

One in three (32 per cent ) said they fear for their future, according to the survey of 3,000 people.

In economic terms, the overwhelming majority of Britons think the outbreak will have a significant impact – 42 per cent expect the economy to be weakened for a few years, and a further 41 per cent believe the damage will be much more long term.

Only 11 per cent think the economy will bounce back quickly, YouGov said.

Some 87 per cent said the public needed to take the measures more seriously.

That’s compared with 8 per cent who said the public already were.

It found that nine out of 10 (90 per cent) would adhere to Government advice even if they disagreed with it, with just 4 per cent feeling more inclined towards a statement that said “I will probably do my own thing, regardless of Government advice”.

According to YouGov, some 60 per cent of Britons were out of their homes on Sunday – despite Government advice at that point asking people to stay inside.

Among those to go outside, 65 per cent were out for a walk or other exercise, 53 per cent were shopping – with the majority doing grocery or pharmacy shopping – and 20 per cent visiting friends or family.

Some 9 per cent confessed to have left the house for some form of fun – and non-essential – activity.

As official guidance urges people to work from home where they can, more than four in 10 (42 per cent ) said they were doing so all the time, while 12 per cent said they now work from home some of the time.

As many across the UK struggle with being in lockdown, some 24 per cent of those surveyed said they felt more lonely than usual.

It also found that 26 per cent of people said were sleeping less than they would usually, and that 19 per cent are eating less.