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Piers Morgan has slammed Health Secretary Matt Hancock for comments he made about Covid-19 tests during a BBC interview.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Morgan was furious after the minister explained why data regarding coronavirus testing has not been published for five weeks.

He also criticised BBC presenter Dan Walker for giving Mr Hancock “an easy ride”.

Speaking to the camera he raged: “What could be a more important bit of data than how many people are being tested?”

It comes as senior members of the Government have refused to appear on GMB for the past nine weeks following a series of segments where Morgan clashed with ministers over Covid-19 policies.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast about releasing testing data, Mr Hancock said: “It just doesn’t add anything to the battle against coronavirus.

“It doesn’t help people to know what to do at a local level because we are several months into this fight.

Piers criticised Matt Hancock (GMB)

“The meaningful figure is how many tests are being conducted, where they’re being conducted and where the positive test results are.”

Responding to the comments, Morgan said: “What could possibly be more important? And then you pretend it’s meaningless.”

The presenter airs his opinion to co-host Susanna Reid (GMB)

He added: “‘It’s utterly shocking. Get back on this programme and face some proper questions.”

Morgan previously labelled the health secretary as “pathetic” for not answering the questions of GMB viewers and claimed he was denying his audience necessary information about the virus.

Matt Hancock spoke about testing during a BBC interview (PA)

He said: “He’s not coming on the programme. It’s the nine-week anniversary today since the boycott of Good Morning Britain.

“He will be talking to other programmes and we will be monitoring those and asking supplementary questions on your behalf.

“He doesn’t think you, the GMB viewers, have any interest in hearing from him… well done Health Secretary, again.”