Flu vaccine 2020/21: When is the NHS flu vaccine available? When do flu jabs start?

“Now the reason for doing this is to protect the NHS in the winter months because obviously we have still got covid, we have still got the threat of a second spike on covid and it’s vital therefore to keep that pressure off the NHS by everybody getting a flu jab and I really hope everybody will.”

Asked on BBC Breakfast if people aged 50 to 64 should worry that there might not be enough flu vaccine, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “No, because those who are under 65 are less likely to have a bad flu and to end up in hospital than the over-65s.”

“But of course we want to go as far as we can and so, for the over-50s, the jab will be available once we have done the core work of trying to get to as many of the over-65s and those who have got underlying health conditions as possible.”

Earlier he said: “We have the biggest flu jab programme ever this autumn; we’ve expanded it because we don’t want a flu outbreak at the same time as dealing with coronavirus.”