Live: Queensland borders now closed to all of Greater Sydney

With Greater Sydney declared a coronavirus hotspot by Queensland, travellers from the city will be turned away at the border, while Queensland residents crossing the border must go into hotel quarantine.

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By Yasmin Jeffery

With Greater Sydney a declared coronavirus hotspot, what are the new rules for getting into Queensland? 

Supplied: Brisbane Airport Corporation

You have questions and my colleague Tim Swanston has answers.

By Yasmin Jeffery

Queensland borders closed to Greater Sydney 

Overnight (at 1:00am to be precise), a new travel restriction kicked in for Queenslanders and anyone else hoping to make it to the sunshine state.

Travellers from Victoria were already restricted from entering Queensland, but now travellers from all of Greater Sydney will be turned away at the border too. 

Queensland residents who have been in an area declared a coronavirus hotspot will be required to go into hotel quarantine, and they will need to foot the bill for their stay.

By Yasmin Jeffery

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