Moving back to Ireland: ‘We were devastated by the Brexit vote’

Politics played a big part in Clare and John Duffin’s move from England to Co Louth this year. “Johnson and Brexit were very much a factor to my mind,” says Welsh-native Clare of the move with her husband, who is originally from Belfast. “We were devastated by the Brexit outcome because we are both very much European. We wanted to remain in Europe and we were strong remainers.”

The Duffins’ move back to Ireland  mirrors the recent trend of increased interest among Irish emigrants in house-hunting here

Meeting in London in the 1980s, the Duffins brought up four children in Surrey. John built up and then sold a successful IT consultancy.

“John had been hankering to move back to Ireland for a number of years and I had resisted because we had four children in the UK,” says Clare. “But I have to say, Brexit and the Johnson government did Ireland a lot of favours. We were devastated by that vote and then it was compounded by this ‘Little Englander’ incompetent Johnson government.”