Opinion: U of R grads showed Saskatchewan grit

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It is this resilience, humaneness, and compassion that mark the graduates of the University of Regina. With resilience and resourcefulness, they have met the demands of their academic programs during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Under very challenging circumstances they have completed research programs, making key contributions to new knowledge in areas from COVID-19 itself, to post-traumatic stress, to dealing with anxiety and depression.

Through the Regina Public Interest Research Group, they have also shown their compassion for, and commitment to, the wider community by donating more than a ton of fresh produce raised on campus to Carmichael Outreach, Souls Harbour, and to more than 250 individuals in need.

In a word, they have shown the talent, the grit, and the commitment to the community that mark them as future leaders in society. They come from every corner of this province, from every province coast to coast, and indeed from 78 countries around the globe. They now join almost 80,000 University of Regina alumni making a positive difference here and around the world.

We are tremendously proud of them. To each and every graduating student, we offer our congratulations and best wishes as they take the knowledge and skills they have gained and apply them to the challenges facing humanity. Through their efforts, the world will indeed be a better place for all.

Thomas Chase is the interim president and vice-chancellor of the University of Regina.