TAFE is suspended for at least a month due to coronavirus lockdown

TAFE is suspended for at least a month due to coronavirus lockdown with classes set to be held online from next term The suspension will affect 500,000 students as it takes effect on Monday When semester resumes on April 27, the majority of classes will be online  5,000 teachers will be up-skilled to teach 1,200 … Read more

Overseas travel, auctions, birthday parties and barbecues all BANNED

Overseas travel, auctions, birthday parties and barbecues are banned from midnight TONIGHT in latest coronavirus restrictions – as the ‘trigger point’ for Italy-style home lockdowns is revealed Scott Morrison imposed further restrictions on areas of large social gatherings Food courts, nail salons, museums and libraries are among those ordered to shut Weddings have been limited … Read more

UK’s coronavirus death toll jumps to 422 in biggest daily jump yet

UK coronavirus death toll jumps from 54 yesterday to 87 today – bringing a total of 422 fatalities – and infection cases leap by 1,427 in biggest daily rise yet… so why are people STILL crammed on Tubes and trains and mingling in parks? 83 patients died overnight in England, including 21 at London North … Read more

Doctor’s heartbreaking plea for people to honour social distancing

Emergency doctor shares heartbreaking plea for people to honour social distancing and stay indoors so her sons won’t be left without a mum An emergency doctor has issued a heartbreaking plea to the Australian public Dr Lauri Harrisberg said people need to stay indoors and self-isolate from others She explained people need to stop ignoring … Read more

Chef given a parking fine as restaurant is forced to shut

Rubbing salt in it: Chef is given a parking fine while loading kitchen equipment into his car after his restaurant was forced to close due to the coronavirus lockdown  A chef was stung with a parking fine while he was packing kitchen equipment Louis Le Pape ‘s restaurant Montrachet was forced to close due to COVID-19 … Read more

Home cook shares fettuccine recipe amid coronavirus pasta shortages

Home cook shares how to make fettuccine with TWO ingredients amid the coronavirus pasta shortages – and reveals her secret to the perfect sauce A home cook shared how you can make fettuccine at home with flour and eggs You don’t need a pasta maker to make her simple recipe, but just a bit of time … Read more

Hairdresser reveals how to perfect salon colour and blowdry at home

Professional hairdresser reveals the treatments and styles you CAN have done in just 30 minutes at the salon (but you’ll be leaving with wet hair!) Jaye Edwards is the founder and director of upscale hair salon Edwards and Co  Clients must spend less than 30 minutes at salons under new COVID-19 rules Mr Edwards slammed … Read more

Government sends text message to Australians about coronavirus

Revealed: The text messages being sent to Australians about social distancing and hygiene in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus Australian Government are sending text messages to residents about COVID-19 The text reminds residents to follow the rules to slow the spread of coronavirus  ‘Please act on that advice, it will help save … Read more

Struggling barre studio’s last ditch effort to survive amid COVID-19

‘We will try online, otherwise that’s the end of us’: One of Sydney’s first barre instructors moves to internet service once the lockdown kicks in – but if that doesn’t work, she says ‘my business and so many others will be done’ Barre, pilates and fitness studios across Australia to close under new measures Prime … Read more

‘Grub’ walks into a police station and starts COUGHING on officers

‘Grub’ walks into a police station and starts COUGHING on officers claiming he has coronavirus – forcing the entire building to go into emergency lockdown A ‘grub’ allegedly put Coffs Harbour police station, NSW, into lockdown Monday The man walked in coughing as he pretended he’d tested positive for COVID-19 Officers told him to wait … Read more