Olympic tickets could be non-refundable after postponement

Tickets for Tokyo 2020 may be non-refundable due to ‘public health emergency’ clause, leaving fans out of pocket… as coronavirus delay also hits TV ad revenues and Japan’s economy Millions of seats have already been sold for the now-postponed Tokyo Olympics Some spectators say they may not be able to attend a rearranged Games in … Read more

Dachshund was so happy his owners were home that he sprained his tail

A waggy dog story! Dachshund who was so happy to have his family around during lock-down sprains his tail from wagging it too much Emma Smith, from Essex, revealed pup got carried away during self-isolation Rollo, A dachshund,  was so happy his owners were home, he strained his tail Adorable pooch wagged it too much … Read more

Tourism boss blasts Scott Morrison for lack of action on coronavirus

‘Shut the place down’: Tourism boss blasts Scott Morrison over his handling of coronavirus – as she joins health experts, the public and even business owners calling for a full lockdown Tourism chief hit out at Mr Morrison’s response to the coronavirus outbreak  Prime minister announced series of new restrictions to combat virus’s spread But … Read more

TikTok emoji challenge goes viral online amid coronavirus outbreak 

Thumbs up! Celebrities act out a random sequence of emojis with their hands in time to music in a new TikTok challenge going viral amid coronavirus outbreak People from around the world have been trying out latest TikTok challenge  Challenge invites you to try out a series of emoji hand gestures in time to music … Read more

Irish man, 28, who caught coronavirus in London ‘nearly died’

‘Coronavirus almost killed me’: Sporty 28-year-old who caught the virus in London says it left him gasping for breath, convulsing in bed, and unable to move as he warns everyone to stay inside Micheal Prendergast, from Kerry in Ireland, caught coronavirus in London   28-year-old went back to Ireland without symptoms before falling sick at home  … Read more

No days off for Ronaldo amid coronavirus crisis as he poses topless

No days off for Cristiano Ronaldo amid the coronavirus crisis as he poses topless in the gym with his sisters Katia and Elma and niece Alicia while locked down in Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo has been back in Portugal towards the start of the month  Forward is locked down in a luxury villa in Madeira with … Read more

PIERS MORGAN: Coronavirus doesn’t give a damn about the economy

PIERS MORGAN: Coronavirus doesn’t give a damn about the economy, President Trump – if you recklessly reopen America anytime soon, you’ll expose millions of people to extreme danger and prove you care more about money than lives By Piers Morgan for MailOnline Published: 08:58 EDT, 24 March 2020 | Updated: 10:48 EDT, 24 March 2020 … Read more

The end of the great Aussie BBQ: Scott Morrison’s new coronavirus ban

The end of the great Aussie BBQ: Scott Morrison BANS family gatherings and birthday parties until further notice to stop the spread of coronavirus Gatherings of more than 10 people are banned under new coronavirus rules This includes barbecues, birthday parties and having people round to homes More than 2,000 people have been infected with … Read more

Sarah Ferguson shares an photo from Princess Beatrice wedding

Princess Eugenie thanks followers for her 30th birthday wishes as Sarah Ferguson shares an unseen picture from her daughter’s wedding day and Ellie Goulding praises her ‘kind, ridiculously hard-working’ friend  Sarah Ferguson shared an unseen photo of Eugenie for her 30th birthday  Ellie Goulding also shared a loving message to the royal calling her ‘kind’  … Read more

Thousands of weddings to be cancelled after coronavirus restrictions

Thousands of weddings are set to be cancelled after new coronavirus restrictions mean just FIVE people can attend – and that’s including the not-so happy couple Weddings will be limited to just five people under new coronavirus rules The five people includes the couple, the witnesses and the celebrant Funerals will also be limited to … Read more