Reader letter: Please be considerate of those picking up trash, recycling during crisis

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Please be considerate to those essential workers who are picking up the trash locally without interruption during the COVID-19 crisis.

At the best of times some of us do not follow the restrictions on weight loads, container use, etc. especially where recycling is concerned.

Now, with so many people at home, garbage tonnage and recycling weights have increased dramatically.

There are no extra hires to handle this increase, no pay incentives or extra precautions for these workers. Please consider this.
Workers lift many thousands of pounds of material during a shift. The repetitive movements performed hundreds of times a day — lifting, twisting, bending and so on. It leaves many workers with chronic strain conditions.

For weeks, they have been unable to get regular therapy to repair their physical condition.

This is a physically demanding and dangerous job where workers face considerable abuse on their routes from people who don’t follow the rules.

These essential workers deserve our cooperation and gratitude during this crisis.

Marilyn Chedour, Windsor

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